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Best Friends Forever (BFF) Bundle

Best Friends Forever (BFF) Bundle

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Freedom No-Pull Harness + Leash Size

Celebrate your friendship with your dog with this Best Friends Forever (BFF) Bundle! Enjoy walks and training with a no-pull harness and leash, enhance your training sessions with high-value treats, and maximise playtime with an interactive toy!

Bundle contains:

You can choose the Harness size before adding this bundle to your cart.

About Barkingham SG's Handmade Treats

Enhance your canine's training routine with our top-notch Beef Liver Cubes! Ideal as rewards or food toppings.

  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • High protein, low in fat
  • Contains iron, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12
  • Single-ingredient, human-grade meat
  • NO additives, preservatives, or flavouring

All of our treats are dehydrated with low heat, then oven-blasted to eliminate harmful bacteria. Proudly made in Singapore.


About the Freedom No-Pull Harness + Leash

🌎 Remember wearing those best friend bracelets? This dog harness is inspired by them! This colourful, upbeat harness is also part of 2Hound Designs' EarthStyle line, which features webbing made from recycled plastic bottles.

Made in the USA. The Freedom No-Pull Harness by 2Hounds Design is an award-winning dog harness trusted by trainers and dog owners around the world. Its patented control loop and front connection ring, used together, will help you to control pulling and redirect your dog's attention back to you for training and treats.

No force, no pain. Now walking and training your dog can be easier and more enjoyable for both of you!


About KONG Rewards Shell

A rolling, bouncing fun-filled feast that’s as tough as it is fun, KONG Rewards randomly dispenses treats or kibble as a dog moves it around. Providing healthy mental stimulation, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs active while they play. The durable material, designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet fun, can also be used for meals to manage weight.Rewarding treat dispenser satisfies natural foraging instincts
  • Durable treat dispenser for mental stimulation
  • Bounce and roll action keeps dogs active
  • Designed for quiet play sessions
  • Unique funnel for easy loading
  • Use as a bowl replacement to manage weight

Please supervise all new toy use until you are confident your dog can safely play without supervision. Remove all packaging. Discontinue use if damaged.

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