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Non-Stop Dogwear

Non-stop Dogwear Touring Bungee Adjustable Leash

Non-stop Dogwear Touring Bungee Adjustable Leash

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The Touring Bungee Adjustable is an innovative dog leash with a unique construction to make everyday life easier and fit most needs.

This leash can be used for hands free walking, tethering at a campsite or as a regular dog leash, among other things.

The three elements that make the Touring Bungee Adjustable so versatile are:

  1. An adjustable aluminum buckle to easily adjust the length and loop to fit your needs. In one moment you can wear it around your waist. In the next you can adjust the loop to fit around a tree, a pole or other objects.

  2. A handle close to your dog, giving you more control in traffic, crowded areas, when passing other dogs or at challenging sections along the trail.

  3. An elastic section that provides maximum comfort to you and your dog.


  • Twistlock Carabiner rated to 300KG
  • Durable polyester webbing
  • Neoprene lining in handles
  • 3M Reflective materials
  • Rigid and ultra-light aluminium buckles


  • Leash Width: 23mm
  • Loop circumference minimum: 43cm
  • Loop circumference maximum: 146cm
  • Length of leash with maximum loop, neutral: 1.59m
  • Length of leash with maximum loop, stretched: 2.22m
  • Length of leash with minimum loop, neutral: 2.11m


  • Hand wash only
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