Lambwolf Collective Collars for Dogs - Size Guide

Lambwolf Collective Collars Measuring Instructions

How to measure

Use a soft measuring tape. Measure the part of your dog's neck that you would like the collar to fit. Your dog can be in either standing or sitting position.

Add room as you deem fit. The tape should be tight but with enough room for two fingers in the collar when worn around your dog's neck. The measurement should not exceed your dog's head measurement - this is to avoid your dog slipping out of the collar.

Please measure your dog at the time of purchase.

Please do not use old measurements or refer to measurements from your other dog collars. Measurements for dog harnesses and collars would vary between different companies. For example, a large-sized dog harness from Company A could be considered a medium-size from Company B.

For Lambwolf Collective's martingale collars, room has been added for the martingale loop. If you want to provide extra room or if your dog is used to a looser fit, we will suggest sizing up by 1".