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5 Benefits of Single-Ingredient Dog Treats

You've probably heard about single-ingredient dog treats. Maybe you've seen them in stores or pop-ups near you. If you're not sure what the fuss is about, follow along as we explore the benefits of our single-ingredient dog treats!

We make our dehydrated treats for dogs using only 100% meat. Our current list of dehydrated treats includes chicken breast, beef, beef liver, green-lipped mussels, and sweet potato.


5 Benefits of Single-Ingredient Dog Treats

1. Preservative and Additive Free

No grain, no salt, no oil, etc. Our treats are 100% meat. We also offer sweet potato jerky (not a meat) that has proven popular with dogs that usually dislike eating veggies!

This means our dehydrated treats have shorter shelf lives, but we're sure your dog will love them and finish them really quickly ;)

2. Easy to Digest

This is another benefit of our 100% meat and preservative/additive-free treats. Processed dog food and dog treats often contain artificial additives and chemicals. Without any artificial ingredients, it'll be easier for your dog to digest and absorb the nutrients.

3. High Protein, Low Fat

On top of choosing the leanest cuts of meat available (such as chicken breast), we also trim the meat by hand to remove excess fat. This process is done before and after dehydration and also helps the treats last longer.

4. All-Natural, Rich in Nutrients

We dehydrate raw meat to remove moisture and to preserve the meat's natural amino acids, and vitamins and minerals. For example, our beef jerky contains iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-12.

5. Allergy- and Diet Friendly

Since you know exactly what goes into our dog treats, it's easier for you to manage your dog's allergies (if any) and manage their diets.

A common allergen for dogs can be found in chicken meat. A popular alternative to chicken meat is green-lipped mussels (GLM)**, which are a great source of omega-3, glucosamine, and anti-oxidants.

Our treats are handcut into small pieces, making them great for training and as meal-toppers.

**Not suitable for dogs with shellfish allergies**


About Barkingham SG:

Our 100% meat, single-ingredient dog treats are proudly made in Singapore and are available in both small and large quantities (50g to 500g). Our treats are handmade and designed as training treats or as meal-toppers.

We currently serve dehydrated Beef Jerky, Beef Liver Cubes, Chicken Breast Jerky, Popcorn Chicken (small bites made from chicken breast), Green-Lipped Mussels, and Sweet Potato Jerky.

Shop our all-natural, single-ingredient dog treats here.


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